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Ravissante Health

Choisette Damus

Director & Lead Nurse Practitioner

Ravissante Health stands at the forefront of health and wellness, offering a unique blend of evidence-based, innovative, and holistic treatments designed to empower their clients towards achieving optimal wellness. Ravissante Health’s dedicated team is committed to providing personalized care that addresses clients’ specific needs, guiding them to a path to better health and well-being. With a focus on integrating the latest research and holistic approaches, they aim to inspire and support patients in living their healthiest lives.


Ravissante Health is a premier health and wellness company, despite its outstanding services, it faced significant challenges with its digital presence due to an outdated and unattractive website. Critical information about services and treatments was hard to find. The site was not optimized for mobile devices, leading to a poor experience for a significant portion of users. The site suffered from basic SEO shortcomings, including non-optimized content, lack of keyword strategy, and missing meta tags, leading to low visibility in search engine results for key health and wellness terms.


Redesigned the website to make it look clean and modern, matching Ravissante Health’s values. Added great pictures of the facility and staff to gain trust. Improved the website’s structure for easy use and quick access to info on services, staff skills, and resources for patients. Updated the website to work smoothly on all devices, including phones and tablets. Researched keywords related to health and wellness thoroughly. Improved the website’s content, like service details, blog articles, and meta tags, with these keywords to get better search results.


Ravissante Health experienced an increase in organic traffic, attributed to higher search engine rankings and improved user engagement. The site’s bounce rate decreased and the average time spent on the site increased, indicating more engaging content and a more satisfying user experience. Achieved search engine rankings for several targeted keywords and phrases related to holistic health and wellness services, substantially increasing visibility to potential clients.

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