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Molina's Roofing Services

Ronnie Molina

Founder & CEO

Molina’s Roofing specializes in high-quality roofing services that protect the home and enhance its appearance. Their skilled team is dedicated to providing reliable, efficient, and affordable solutions, from repairs to new installations. They believe in using only the best materials and delivering work that lasts, all while providing the friendly, reliable service their clients deserve. They also take pride in attention to detail and dedication to customer satisfaction.


Molina’s Roofing Services, a roofing company in South Florida, specializes in providing high-quality roofing solutions. The company faced some challenges due to an unappealing website. It has an outdated design, poor-quality images, and a layout that fails to effectively showcase the company’s expertise and range of services. The website has a poor navigation experience. The website also has poor search engine optimization and lacks targeted keywords, meta descriptions, and local SEO elements. This resulted in low search engine rankings for roofing services in South Florida, limiting the company’s online visibility to potential customers.


Redesign the Molina’s Roofing Services website, focusing on a modern, visually appealing aesthetic that aligns with the company’s commitment to quality and professionalism. Simplified the site’s architecture for intuitive navigation, ensuring that information about services, pricing, and contact details was easily accessible. Performed detailed keyword research to identify high-value keywords related to roofing services, hurricane-impact windows, and doors in South Florida. Optimized website content, including service pages, blog articles, and meta tags, with these keywords to improve search engine visibility.


Molina’s Roofing Services saw 71 organic traffic from 0, driven by higher search engine rankings and improved user engagement. The number of online inquiries and quotes requested through the website also increased by 23 conversions from nothing, demonstrating the new design, and clear call-to-action (CTA) placements effectively encouraged user interaction and service inquiries. The website’s overall health remains strong, with excellent website speed ensuring a seamless user experience.


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Increase in revenue

Increase in organic traffic
from 0 to 71 after first month of optimization

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