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MC Roofing is known for its commitment to excellence in the roofing industry, offering a wide array of services, covering everything from minor repairs to complete new installations. MC Roofing team consists of highly skilled professionals who are trained to handle any roofing challenge with precision and care. Focused on ensuring the durability and safety of the roof with our quality-driven approach. Every project is executed with the utmost attention to detail, guaranteeing satisfaction and peace of mind for clients.


MC Roofing stands out for delivering high-quality roofing services with a comprehensive range of services from repairs to new installations by well-trained professionals. However, their potential for online growth and customer engagement was significantly hindered by an outdated and unappealing website. Users found it difficult to navigate the website, locate specific services, or understand the unique value proposition of MC Roofing. Additionally, the site was not optimized for mobile devices, causing frustration among a significant portion of the audience. It also lacked essential on-page SEO elements, including optimized content, keyword integration, and meta tags. This resulted in low visibility in search engine results for key roofing services and terms, limiting the company’s ability to attract new customers online.


The website underwent a total transformation to a modern, visually appealing design that accurately reflects MC Roofing Company’s professionalism and expertise. High-quality images of completed projects, customer testimonials, and clear, concise service descriptions were incorporated to build trust and showcase the company’s capabilities. site’s architecture was overhauled to improve navigation, making it easy for users to find information about services, warranties, and certifications. The website was made fully responsive, ensuring an optimal viewing experience across all devices and screen sizes. And also conducted thorough keyword research to identify high-value, relevant keywords for the roofing industry. Optimized the website’s content, including service pages and blog articles, with these keywords to enhance search engine visibility.


MC Roofing Company saw an increase in organic traffic, driven by higher rankings in search engine results and an enhanced user experience, the bounce rate decreased and the average session duration increased, indicating that users were more engaged and spent more time exploring the site. Achieved rankings on Google for several key roofing-related keywords and phrases, substantially increasing the company’s online visibility and ability to attract targeted traffic.

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