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Formas Migratorias

Diana M’c Daniel Ríos

Founder & CEO

Formas Migratorias is at the forefront of assisting individuals navigate the complex world of immigration. Specializing in the processing and management of crucial immigration forms, the Formas Migratorias team is dedicated to supporting clients both in the United States and abroad. They understand the importance of each step in their clients’ immigration journey and are committed to providing meticulous, reliable service.


Formas Migratorias specializes in processing and managing crucial immigration forms for clients both within and outside the United States. Despite their broad range of high-quality services, Formas Migratorias faced significant challenges due to an unattractive and inefficient website. The site suffered from complex navigation and a lack of mobile optimization. The website was not optimized for search engines, with minimal use of relevant keywords, poor metadata, and a lack of content strategy. This resulted in low visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs) for key terms related to their services.


The website underwent a complete overhaul, focusing on a user-friendly design that reflected the company’s professionalism and expertise. The new design was optimized for all devices, ensuring a seamless user experience across desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Content across the website was rewritten to include targeted keywords such as “immigration forms processing,” “US immigration services,” and “personalized immigration assistance,” aiming to improve search engine rankings and attract more relevant traffic. A local SEO strategy was developed to target clients within the United States searching for immigration form assistance.


Formas Migratorias saw increased organic traffic, attributed to improved search engine rankings and a more engaging website design. The bounce rate decreased and the average session duration increased, indicating higher engagement. Achieved rankings on SERPs for key service-related keywords, significantly increasing the firm’s online visibility and attracting a larger audience seeking immigration and financial consulting services.

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