Barbie Thingz Blow Dry Bar

116 NW 25th Street Miami, FL 33127


Barbie Thingz Blow Dry Bar is a premier destination for superior beauty salon services. Offering a wide range of treatments and styling options to enhance your natural beauty. One of the biggest challenges this company is website design lacks visual appeal, with outdated graphics, unattractive color schemes, and a layout that does not reflect the brand’s vibrant and professional image. This led to a high bounce rate as visitors were immediately turned off by the site’s appearance. The website suffered from poor search engine optimization, including missing metadata, inadequate keyword integration, and lack of content strategy. This resulted in low search engine rankings, reducing the visibility of Barbie Thingz Blow Dry Bar to potential clients searching for related services online.


Completely redesigned the website to make it look good and fit the brand’s energetic and professional image. Added a modern, easy design with nice colors, great pictures, and a setup that highlights the salon’s services and the talent of its stylists. Researched to find the right keywords our audience uses. Created a plan to use a blog for sharing tips on hair care, the latest styles, and salon updates, making the site more interesting. Used local SEO strategies, like updating our Google My Business listing and getting local listings, to help more people find us in search results.


Barbie Thingz Blow Dry Bar saw a significant increase in organic traffic, driven by improved search engine rankings and enhanced user engagement. The bounce rate decreased and the average session duration increased, indicating that visitors found the website more appealing and the content more engaging. The salon achieved rankings for key targeted keywords related to blow-dry and styling services in their local area, resulting in increased visibility and customer inquiries.

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